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Onward and Upward: David’s Story

When Marine Corps veteran David was forced to retire from the armed forces due to medical reasons after actively serving for 17 years, he knew that the slow pace of the retirement lifestyle was just not going to work for him.

Originally from Escondido, David explored all of the different education options in nearby colleges, but he did not feel like he was ready to enroll in a four-year university just yet. He was interested in a few different subjects, including healthcare, but didn’t quite know where to start and wanted to test the waters in a few areas before committing to enrolling in college.  That’s when he turned to Vista Adult School.

David learned about the many course offerings at Vista Adult School, and decided to enroll in the Billing and Coding program as he had prior experience in the technology field. As the program progressed, David was delighted to see that he was excelling in his coursework and averaging 96 percent in all of his classes.

“The counselors and teachers at Vista are incredible, especially my instructor Mr. Nieves,” says David. “Through the virtual learning platform, I am able to move at my own pace which I really enjoy.”

Today, David has successfully transitioned to Palomar College where he is pursuing a degree in cyber security. Although the shift from adult school to college coursework has been a challenge, he has maintained his grades and hopes to transfer to Cal State San Marcos to pursue a career in the IT industry.

When asked what advice he has for students who may find themselves in a similar situation, David says, “Go for it, and don’t even think twice. We all learn from failing, and if we never go for it, you’ll never know what you could have achieved.”

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