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Escondido’s Adult School Jessica Fulmer Becker- A True Inspiration

It may have taken 24 years, but Jessica never gave up hope that she would one day obtain her high school diploma. With the help of Escondido Adult School, her teacher Josh Murphy, and a drive to prove to herself and her family that perseverance matters, Jessica received her diploma from EAS last month. In addition, her incredible story awarded her the honor of  EAS’s Inspirational Student of the Month. Jessica was the third member of her family to graduate from EUHSD in the past two years, and her second oldest daughter, wearing her own cap and gown from her graduation from Del Lago Academy last June, joined her as she walked across the stage.
Jessica shared her story of how she gave up on her education after being bullied through much of middle school and dropping out of continuation school. While she had a great deal of credits, the dream of obtaining her high school diploma seemed out of reach. Until she attended an orientation at EAS in August.  “I found out all I needed was to take one exploratory class and I’d have enough credits to graduate,” she said. “So I signed up and now, a month later, here I am!”  Jessica is grateful to everyone at EAS who helped her achieve her education goal. She said it best, “I still have my son that needs to get through his school years and I get to help guide him through with my own sense of academic achievement.  And I get to show my mom that the cycle in education for our family was not left broken by me, I just took a while to fix it.” Congratulations to Jessica, her family and everyone at EAS.