Jennyfer Rincon enrolled at Ramona Adult School prior to 2020 but, “I always gave up”. She had struggled in high school but always dreamed of graduating. In the fall of 2021 she decided it was time to go back because she felt she needed her high school diploma to advance in her life and career.

When Jennyfer re-enrolled at Ramona Adult School, the staff was happy to see her return. For Jennyfer, her greatest challenge was balancing classes and work with taking care of her son. Her parents were very supportive and pitched in to help her with child care.

Jennyfer’s sisters, Vanessa Rincon and Marisol Villavicencio Rincon also decided to support her – by enrolling in the high school diploma program as well. Mentored by RAS registrar, Kathy Funk, all three Rincon sisters worked hard throughout the 2021-2022 school year to complete courses. It wasn’t easy for them to balance work, family and school but the sisters pushed each other to stay on track and kept each other motivated. Mrs. Funk provided support and encouragement as well, helping them manage their courses as they worked towards graduation.

All three Rincon sisters achieved their dream of graduating – together – in June 2022.

Jennyfer said, “Graduation meant everything, being able to close that chapter in life was definitely a huge accomplishment.” For the entire Rincon family, it was a huge celebration.

Jennyfer is currently staying at home with her son but looks forward to returning to school to pursue a career in the medical field. Marisol is exploring her career options, and Vanessa received her medical assistant diploma this year through UEI!