For the past five years, Marina has been a teacher for the San Marcos adult program.

“I’ve really enjoyed working for the program since day one. I enjoy being able to help the students achieve a long-lost goals. For some of the students, this goal was put aside when the challenges of life became greater than the opportunity to finish the high school diploma. Some of the students are leading a busy life, and yet they still manage to stop by and work on assignments to meet the requirements of a high school diploma.”

“Even during the most challenging time in the past two years when we saw so many students being directly impacted by the pandemic we all suffered. Many of our students losing loved ones, and some having being hospitalized due to the virus attacking their bodies directly. It was a devastating time for all, but I was able to witness the resiliency in our students. Our students focused on working from home to complete assignments, they learned how to maneuver technology that for some was very new and others expanded their knowledge.”

“I was able to see the students blossom, and that is what makes this job worthwhile. I enjoy meeting them as a student – and as a friend as our relationship grows. I enjoy listening to their success stories of getting promoted, finding a new job, getting married, having new babies, and even moving into their dream homes. These are some of the reasons why adult school, San Marcos Adult school is dear to me.”