Judy Moreno is an instructor for the Poway Adult School Court Reporting program. She became a licensed court reporter in 1991 and retired from San Diego Superior Court in 2018 after spending 20 plus years working in the courtrooms as an official and also working as a deposition reporter before transferring to court. Judy’s enthusiasm for court reporting led her to Poway Adult School with the desire to pass on her passion for this career to a new generation of court reporters and share this amazing career path with others.

The court reporting program at Poway started in September 2020. Over 30 students are currently enrolled in the steno program and will now be able to take advantage of voice writing as a new methodology of taking down the verbatim record.

In her own words, “It has been an honor to pass on my personal experiences as a working court reporting to the students, and I look forward to having many students become licensed court reporters this year.”