Carlota Duong may be a recent high school equivalency graduate at Escondido Adult School but is no stranger to all the programs the school has to offer. Carlota began attending ESL classes in 2017 at EAS. She moved on to complete a Basics of Nursing and CPR course the following year while enrolling in the academic program to pursue her main goal – passing the five HISET exams to earn her State-sanctioned certificate in English.

For Carlota, a native Spanish speaker, taking the tests in her second language was her biggest challenge during her years at EAS and she refused to attempt any of the tests in Spanish, even after a multitude of frustrations and setbacks. Encouragement and tutoring from her teachers and peers kept her motivated to return each year. She plugged along, passing one test after the next with careful preparation and strategizing. After nearly four years of hard work and many new relationships with fellow classmates on a similar journey, Carlota finally passed that last exam in July.

While elated, she is not one to stop there. Ms. Duong will continue fine-tuning her writing skills in the advanced ESL class this fall with the goal of moving on to Palomar College. We at EAS are eager to see which opportunity Carlota seizes next.